Chapter 23 – A new hero rises

The chosen hero couldn’t come to save the universe because he was busy laundering his cat. He did however send in a nice exploding cabbage “fruit” basket in apology. The Ruler of the Universe (and the candy store owner) has the basket carefully carried in (lest it inadvertently explode). As it was being carried in it started to violently shake, threatening to explode. Everyone braced themselves for the inevitable explosion but instead of a large “BOOM!” a small “hee hee, ho hoo hap!” was heard as Aaron (yes that Aaron) popped out of the basket and “kidney” punched on of the carriers in the chest and tripped the other with a well placed “kidney” punch to his leg.
“Halt!” commanded The Ruler of the Universe (and the candy store owner) “Under normal circumstances you would be imprisoned for cabbage impersonation, however your impressive display has impressed the impression that you would be a suitable replacement for the hero, what is your name potential hero?”
“Me Tarzan! Yo fat!” cried Aaron holding aloft a strange head shaped blob of clay impaled upon a stick.
“Although not wise to insult The Ruler of the Universe (and the candy store owner) your dedication is impressive, go forth and stop the menace of the flies!”

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