Chapter 9 – Chernobyl the Radioactive Squirrel

There once was a rather large vat
It was full of this and some that
It had a nice fine sheen
It glowed with bright green
T’was Radium inside the vat

Chernobyl was large and very fat
He liked to eat things that weren’t flat
He scoured the whole earth
For stuff to fill his girth
So he found and devoured the vat

The vat made Chernobyl glow real bright
It made him into a nice night-light
It made him super slim
And strengthened his right limb
It also gave him super tall height

Chernobyl’s stomach started to ache
It jerked and twitched and started to shake
It bubbled and boiled
And felt like it spoiled
He thought eating that vat, a mistake

The squirrel is finally all filled
However he didn’t feel too thrilled
He now glowed in the dark
And his fingers could spark
But he’s glad that he hadn’t been killed

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