Chapter 14 – The Sea Still Rises

*4 out of 5 Davids agree that French words have too many unnecessary letters.
**A Ted is a unit of work approximately equal to the amount of work that Ted can do which is equal to 21.58 kJ according to Hibbeler 247

The grand overseeing council of the tsetse flies (consisting of a crazy old fly and the very wise voice in his head) can up with two plans for fixing the problem of trying to sleep with the constant Canadian that Blockflöten had directly caused, but was also indirectly caused by Cobbler, one which involved hurling him into the sea and hope that he finds his was to Canada (Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh?) where he would be integrated into their society and become a contributing member of the aforementioned society in Canada, the other, being one which involved using extremely long run-on sentences, caused an extensive debate on how in the world this could actually work, as a run-on sentence dose nothing but seriously annoy the reader but usually has no effect whatsoever on the characters described in the sentence as they do not directly interact with the letters and words, let alone the sentences and them adhering to or ignoring the commonly accepted codes of grammar, however this sparked another controversy on whether there were any commonly accepted codes of grammar because, after all, different places have vastly different ideas on what makes a grammatically valid sentence, such as the difference between the tsetse flies, who insist on the presence of a subject and verb as opposed to the French who insist that for a series of words to be a sentence at least 50% of the letters must be unnecessary*, luckily the mention of French brought the topic of conversation to countries that speak French and then to Canada which got the discussion back to how to solve the previously mentioned problem of sleeping under the influence of Canada which led back to the question whether a run-on sentence could have any influence on the people described in the previously mentioned sentence, however this discussion was interrupted by some crazy fly who was somehow convinced that they were currently living in a run-on sentence and that they would cease to exist when the period came and ended the sentence, but of course this silly notion was dismissed by the flies because it was so utterly and completely nonsensical and it even made then realize that the plan to throw the Blockflöten into the ocean was also nonsensical, ridiculous, unreasonable, absurd, silly and insane but ordinary circumstances require ordinary solutions and this was no ordinary circumstance, so with out much further ado, delay or postponements (there is only a little ado left) the crazy old fly grabbed Blockflöten and threw him into the ocean accomplishing the work of .35 Teds** as the voice in his head concluded saying: “The ways of mice and flies may change like the winds but no matter what they do during the night in the morning the sea still rises.”

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