Comic #40


I was walking to class one day and saw a guy wearing the kind of headphones that completely cover your ears. It got me to thinking about how isolated my generation is becoming – always walking around with buds in our ears listening to our own music.

A couple of people approached me after this was published and told me they thought it was both humorous and a good social commentary. It was a good day.

Comic #38


Well, I guess it’s possible to be a little too subtle with a punchline. Most people didn’t get this one without an explanation, and any joke that needs to be explained is doomed to failure. Oh well. You can’t win ’em all, I guess.

That being said, this comic was inspired by the dentist office next door to my college coop. Every fall, they send us a bunch of cookies. Perhaps you see where this is going.

Chapter 47 – The Arrival

Aaron’s secret plan had successfully succeeded in substituting the security of the snack tunnel with stuff that has surfaced form the sections of the snack mines sub-terrariumly stationed. The seemingly sizable salary was sufficiently splendid to support the sentient snacks decision to stay as a sentry. Aaron was certain he could skedaddle and continue his scheme to sneak away from his service of securing the section of the snack tunnel. With swift scurries and subtle sneaking Aaron succeeded in slipping away without so much as a squeak. Soon he would surface and start new stuff stuffed full of shiny new schemes.


Joe was determined to not fail his quest and decided to press on despite his missed lunch induced hunger. This decision turned out to be a rather terrible mistake, for he only managed to take a handful of steps before he lost all energy and passed out.
Joe awoke on the ground looking up at the terribly boring and nondescript sky. His had a massive headache presumably caused by the rock which was now serving as a hard pillow to cushion his head from the harsh soft ground below. As Joe slowly stood up it what was wrong with the roads struck him, The road had been completely empty, there were no trees or shrubs or other plants inexplicably growing in it. This realization came so suddenly and with such force that it not only returned Joe’s sense of direction but it did so retroactively. Joe realized that he had in fact traveled in the correct direction to the world saving supply depot and he had even had a nice lunch along the way. With all the folderol in the now non-canonical past sorted out into non existence Joe bravely trekked towards the store prepared to meet any challenge he should encounter.
The trek to the store was much less eventful than Joe expected given his prior difficulties with every other task he ever set out to do. The only thing that happened along the way was seeing a small cloud that looked like that giant blue afro he had been “given” and that was less of an event and more of a strange piece on inanimate scenery. Joe figured his luck must be changing and that this was a sign that his quest would most certainly succeed. Further reinforcement was provided as Joe arrived at the world saving supply depot to find it to not only be existing but according to the sign on the door it was open. Joe was about to enter the store when finally encountered something out of the ordinary. A man had been milling about in front of the store and upon seeing Joe approach he charged towards him screaming something. The man was much to frantic to be understood completely but from what Joe could make out he was either attempting to sell him some new socks or wanted him to try on his cat. Either way Joe was not keen on talking to this strange looking man but he saw no alternative, the only way to stop the invading radioactive flies was to obtain the fly swatter of ultimate power which was located in the store before him. The fate of the world and possibly the entire universe rested in Joe’s ability to get that swatter and use it. Thus no matter what this man was trying to do to Joe he would have to resist (unless it was something really terrible and then he would just flee). Joe bravely stood firm where he was waiting for the man to arrive, cringing at the thought of what may befall him.