Comic #45


A former roommate actually started one of his papers this way. He got an A. No, it wasn’t a history paper. It was one of those throw-away response papers we had to write for a class on sustainable practices. I won’t let him forget it.

Only one more comic after this, maybe two if I can manage. I’ll admit that it’s kinda bittersweet. It’s been stressful at times, but I’ve had so much fun drawing a new comic each week. Maybe I’ll put them together into a book at the end – all 46 or 47 off them.

Comic #44


I find that women tend to ask me a lot of questions like this. Not any one woman in particular – just women in general. Sometimes it bugs me, but I suppose most of their questions are justified.

I give my “two weeks’ notice” to the newspaper after I submitted this comic, meaning that there will only be two more comics posted this term. Possibly three if I can submit one more for week 10.

Comic #43


If I haven’t said so before, I get a lot of ideas for my comics from the people with whom I live. Just the other day, a bunch of guys climbed out onto the roof of our house armed with water balloons and started pelting other guys from the house as they were going to and from class. Being on the top floor with a window out to the street, I got a front row seat to all the action.

I’ve gotta admit that I’ll miss this kind of college buffoonery when I graduate in June.