Chapter 34 – The Quest Resumes

*It most certainly could not be a sign as it did not forbid flowers

The man with a trench coat covering all but his ears watched from afar as Joe left the coffee shoppe. He was concerned that all Joe had done so far was to aid the flies with valuable coffee saving coupons and he had done nothing to stop them. The man in the trench coat called over his minions “I fear Joe is failing at succeeding much as you succeeded to fail. If he manages to keep succeeding he most certainly will fail as that seems to be what he thinks is success. We must find a way to make Joe fail at failing thus leading to him succeeding at what must be done. We need someone that will make Joe fear failure, someone who succeeded at scaring Joe. We need Aaron! (yes that Aaron)” The minions of the trench coat man set out to the chip mines to rescue the Aaron that had been most certainly imprisoned in a place that might probably be there.


As Joe left the coffee shoppe he had a startling realization, by giving the manager those coupons he had aided the angry fly mob. Joe was certain that great sounding deals on most undoubtedly terrible coffee would somehow grant the fly mob even more power, making the mob go from unstoppable to most assuredly unstoppable. Joe feared that the if he encountered the fly mob now they would most defiantly destroy him, and that would make his quest to stop them even more difficult. There must be some way to stop the indestructible flies, and Joe was determined to find it, sadly he had no idea where to even start looking for such and object if one even existed. This, however, did not deter Joe, for he was determined to stop these flies that he had helped make even more unstoppable. Despite the numerous mentions of determination, Joe was still at a loss for the how, but suddenly something struck him, it was the chimney from the coffee soaked house falling off and hitting Joe in the foot. Upon closer inspection Joe noticed that there was a rolled up note jammed inside the chimney of the house. After wringing out the note and unrolling it Joe read the following:

“The answer is something like sea”
Subpar answers brought to you by the magic-8 ball of close-but-not-quite-correct-answers

Joe placed the paper carefully the chimney which he placed in his pack and carelessly chucked away the rest of the soggy house. This paper was most certainly a sign* that Joe should seek out this magic-8 ball of close-but-not-quite-correct-answers in order to find a way to stop the unstoppable tsetse fly army. While Joe did not know where this magic-8 ball of close but-not-quite-correct-answers was located, but he was certain he would retroactively ask it when he got there. Thus certain that he had knowledge he thought he would soon obtain Joe set off in the direction that seemed most likely to contain this magic-8 ball that would aid him in his quest.

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