Chapter 11 – Bad Combinations of Chapters 9 and 10

The radioactive squirrel, Chernobyl is totally alone
Everyone has abandoned him, his friends, family, and even his clone
He went out to search the whole land for people that could be his new friends
He gave people prizes, like automobiles and personalized pens
He found some nice friendly trolls, but sadly they had been turned into stone

A fly looked for food
He met a squirrel who’s rude
The squirrel had a nasty green glow
It made flies shine bright as snow
Radiation spewed

Tsetse flies
Become oversize
fly fast
They’re unsurpassed
Covered skies

The tsetse flies are now radioactive flying machines of doom
No mere mortal or earthbound foe can force them into an early tomb
They fear no swatters made of human hands nor the hammer of great Thor
Stone walls cannot stop them, neither can wood floors, hard ceilings, or big doors
There’s nothing found in all the earth that can make the tsetse flies go BOOM!

Luckily for mankind
Tsetse flies are very kind
They do not remember the tickle
They’re busy making pickles
They can be confined

They get no respect
Everything’s wrecked
Far from perfect

The radioactive tsetse flies are now though of as second-class
They get to receive nothing first, they are always given their pick last
Flies have no money, status, authority, wealth, riches or power
They have not strength, friends, wellbeing, associates, or even good health
Their one day goal is to be considered citizens that’s middle-class

Pickle get recalled
Prices for fly pickles fall
They lost their jobs, and all their profit
This wasn’t seen by the prophet
Flies have lost it all

Flies are mistreated
They feel cheated
Flies are defeated

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